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                            Judith K. Adams
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


9905 Blue Lick Road                                       

Louisville, KY                                                                            (502) 962-9009
Present Positions:

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR: University of Oklahoma (Norman)- Dept.
of Human Relations. 1983 to Present
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR: Oral Roberts University (Tulsa)
Graduate School of Theology. 1986 to Present
CONTRACT PSYCHOLOGIST Department of Human Services-
Developmental Disabilities Service Division

Licensed Clinical Psychologist- (#388)- Health Service Provider:
Oklahoma Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#206): Oklahoma Diplomate
Board Certified Forensic Examiner-American Board of Forensic Examiners
(#2008) Diplomate in Sexual Abuse; Diplomate in Child Custody Evaluation
International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (# 11462471282)
Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Program Director/Administrator (# 000 1)
Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Supervisor
Certified Evaluator-Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse Services (DUI Evaluation)
FAA Certified Accident Prevention Counselor: Licensed Private Pilot-Instrument Rating

Oklahoma Association for Drug and Alcohol Abuse-Member National Association of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors-Member Oklahoma Drug & Alcohol Professional Counselor Association -Member American Board of Forensic Examiners-Member (Diplomate)
American Psychological Association-Member

Child Abuse Reporting Laws and Child Abuse Investigation; Legislative Reform Psychological and Counseling Ethics; Interface between Psychology and Law Chemical Dependency; Addictions _- Codependency; Spiritual Issues in Chemical Dependency Recovery:

 “Behavioral Indicators of Alleged Child Sexual Abuse Cases and Hearsay Testimony Based on These   Indicators,” Oklahoma Family Law Journal, December 1997.

 “Court Mandated Treatment and Required Admission of Guilt in Cases of Alleged Sexual Abuse: Professional,
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    “Court Mandated Treatment and Required Admission of Guilt in Cases of Alleged Sexual Abuse: Professional,
    Ethical, and Legal Issues,” Oklahoma Family Law Journal, March 1998.

    “Use of Anatomically Detailed Dolls in the Investigation of Suspected Sexual Abuse Cases,” Oklahoma Family
    Law Journal, December 1996.

     “Interviewing Children in Suspected Sexual Abuse Cases May Cause Iatrogenic Trauma-“ The Front-line
    Counselor, publication of the International Association of Trauma Counselors.  February 1997.

“Intervening Children in Suspected Sexual Abuse Cases: A Closer Look at Scientific Evidence.” in Issues in Child
Abuse Accusations.  November - December 1996.

“Children on the Witness Stand Interviewing Methods, Memory.  Language S U-Is May Compromise Truth-“ in The Oklahoma Communiqué, Oklahoma Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Vol. 17.  No. 2. Fall 1996.

“Children Never Lie... Or Do They?  Interviewing Children in Suspected Sexual Abuse Cases.” ‘in The Oklahoma
Communiqué.  Oklahoma Association for Marriage and Family Therapy,” Vol. 13.  No. 1. Summer 1996.
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“Setting Free Chemical Dependency” in Alcoholism and Addiction Magazine , March-April 1988.
“Admission Patterns-3rd Quarter,” Statistical Notes.  No. 20, Division on Alcoholism, Lincoln, Nebraska.  November 1979.
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“Drinking Patterns in Nebraska” Statistical Notes, #22, Division on Alcoholism, Lincoln, Nebraska February 1980.
“Drinking Patterns and Certain Nebraska Worker Characteristics.” Statistical Notes, 923, Division on Alcoholism.
Lincoln.  Nebraska.  March 1980.
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“Characteristics of Admissions to Court Referral Programs.” Statistical Notes, No. 27, Division on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Lincoln, Nebraska.  October 1980.
“Manpower Development Program: Results of the Individual Alcoholism Professional Reporting Survey.” Division on Alcoholism; Lincoln, Nebraska. 1980.
Personality Correlates of Religious Conversion Experience: Unpublished Master’s Thesis, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Summer 1976.
Family Background among Alcoholics and Gender Perception Among Alcoholics and Non-alcoholics. Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.  February 1982.
Reliance on “Syndrome Evidence” in Suspected Sexual Abuse Cases: History and Recent Controversies.  In press, with Loyola University, Children’s Legal Rights Journal.

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY: University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  Degree Awarded: May 8.1982:
Major Clinical Psychology.  Minors Alcoholism.  Personality.  Program Evaluation
Dissertation Familial Antecedents of Alcoholism and Gender Perception Among Alcoholics and Non-alcoholics
Practica: VA Hospital-Psychology Service: Omaha.  Nebraska Lincoln-Lancaster Mental Health Center: Lincoln, Nebraska.  Division on Alcoholism & Drug- Abuse.  Department of Public Institutions.- Lincoln Nebraska.
Internship: A.P.A. Veterans Administration Psychology Internship Consortium.  Pittsburgh.  PA.
MASTER OF ARTS University of Nevada.  Las Vegas.  Degree Awarded: May 28. 1976:
Major: Clinical Psychology Thesis Title: “Personality Correlates of Religious Conversion Experience” Supervised Field Experience: Las Vegas Community -Mental Health Center.  Las Vegas Nevada.
BACHELOR OF ARTS: Concordia College.  Moorhead.  Minnesota.  Degree Awarded: May 5, 1968:
Major Psychology,. English                                 Graduated: Magna Cum Laude
HIGH SCHOOL: Jamestown High School.  Jamestown.  North Dakota.  Diploma Conferred: May 28, 1964

    Alcohol Studies: University of Utah.  Salt Lake City Summer Session 1970: 2 Grad.  Quarter hrs.
    Group Dynamics: Middle Tennessee State Univ., Murfreesboro, Tennessee.Spring.1973:2 Grad. Sem. hrs.
    Projective Techniques in Personality Assessment Univ. Nebraska Omaha, Spring 1977:3Grad. Sem. hrs.1979)
    Student Teaching  Practic.  Concordia Coll.  Moorhead, Minnesota.  Spring 1971: 7 Undergraduate Sern. hrs.

           Private Practice. 2816 East Fifty-first Street.  Suite 100: Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105
Duties: Psychotherapy, psychological evaluations.  DUI, forensic and custody assessments.  Martial and family counseling. adult and children’s problems.  Professional writing in the areas of child abuse allegations. Certified as expert witness in several courts in Oklahoma.  September 1995 to Present.

PSYCHOLOGIST: Center for Christian Counseling. 3515 South Harvard: Tulsa.  Oklahoma 74135
Duties: Psychotherapy for depression. adjustment disorders, and other psychological conditions.  Counseling, with addictions, eating, disorders for adult and children.  Marital and family counseling.  Psychological evaluations. forensic and custody assessments. Workshop presentations.  September 199 1 -September 1995

    PSYCHOLOGIST: Living Solutions Christian Counseling, 2448 East 81st Street-, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137
Duties: Psychological and forensic assessments; custody and divorce assessments.  Psychotherapy, behavioral assessment, related duties.  April 1994 to August 1995.

PSYCHOLOGIST: Christian Family, Institute, 6711 South Yale, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136.
Duties: Psychotherapy and psychological evaluations, including drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, divorce adjustment counseling.  Hospital consultation.  March 1989 to September 1991.
PROGRAM CONSULTANT: Behavioral Health Systems, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Duties: On-site development of psychiatry and chemical dependency unit at King’s Daughters’ Hospital, Temple, Texas.  Recruitment and orientation of staff.  October 1988 to February 1989.
PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Set Free Chemical Dependency Treatment Program, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Duties: Program development, coordination, and management.  Supervision of program staff.  Liaison with corporate offices and hospital administration.  October 1986 to September 1988.


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