The Good is The Enemy of the Best

Let's compare your shelter to a person, maybe a child with several health problems. These problems are not necessarily life threatening but they do interfere with the child's quality of life. Our child may not be able to run, or hear, or speak clearly. Maybe our child can walk but not run without falling. If this were the situation wouldn't we do everything possible to solve these issues?.

If our child had a terrible disease like colon cancer wouldn't we ask the surgeon to remove it as soon as possible? Would we want all of the disease removed or only what can be seen? Of course, we would want all of the cancer removed and we would want all of these other problems solved as well as we want the very best for our child.

"The good is the enemy of the best"; this saying of early members of Alcoholics Anonymous sums it up. Sometimes we settle for a good thing when we could have, with a little more effort, had the best! Assisting people to find shelter and food is a great humanitarian effort, but.... empowering them to recover from an addiction that keeps them on the street and dysfunctional is best. It is the difference between feeding the homeless population for one day or teaching them to fish and feeding them for life. Many of us devote our lives to the homeless and their families only to see them sink lower and lower into the despair of untreated alcoholism or drug addiction. We, at Fajardo & Associates, believe that together we can turn this situation around and help these people help themselves.

To implement a recovery program at your shelter, or to improve it if you already have one, a site visit is in order.  The initial two to three days site visit will provide us with most of the documentation needed to write an initial, individualized Needs Assessment for your shelter. This Needs Assessment will be mailed to you within ten working days following our visit.  This site visit will be made for expenses only (a small "good will" retainer will be charged up front against expenses).  Once the Needs Assessment is written and reviewed, Fajardo & Associates and your Agency can then enter into a contract outlining goals, time frames, retainer and fees.

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